Letter to Dunoon Observer – 15th November 2018

Dear Editor

I am indebted to Professor Michael Russell, MSP, for his advice on how to organize a public meeting. (Letters Page 9 November). Last Friday, on a wet and windy night, nearly 100 people turned up to our AGM.

Members of DGFAG are keen to hear Michael Russell support the Scottish Government’s policy of a vehicle and passenger service on the town centre route. We want to arrange a special public meeting just for him. To ensure that he can attend we will arrange it when he confirms his availability.

Unfortunately, Christmas and Hogmanay are getting in the way. I will ask him to agree a Thursday or Friday night in late January or early February.

It would be helpful if we can get a couple of dates as I want to ensure that we are able to book a large enough hall to accommodate the numbers that wish to attend.

Yours sincerely

Susanna Rice